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Old Movies From Indonesia - Pt. 5: Action, Thriller, Drama, W.I.P., War, Western

All the VCDs are original and in mint/unplayed conditions except where to stated elsewhere
All the VCDs are double disc set (Disk 1 + Disk 2).

Price: 100 Euros for the whole set (VCDs are not sold singularly). SOLD OUT!!!
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OLD INDONESIAN MOVIES - Part 5: Action, Thriller, Drama, W.I.P., War, Western  SOLD OUT!

Original Title: 5 Cewek Jagoan
International Title/English Translation: 5 Deadly Angels
Production: Indonesia, 1980
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 990022
Director: Danu Umbara
Stars: Rachmat Hidayat, Yatie Octavia, Debby Cynthia Dewi
Synopsis: Yanti escapes a kidnapping. The kidnapper wants her fiance's finding. She contacts her four friends who have special expertise. The five of them rescue her fiance, his mother and her younger sibling who are taken hostage.

Original Title: 7 Women - Tujuh Wanita Dalam Tugas Rahasia
International Title/English Translation: 7 Women
Production: Indonesia, 1983
DVD Production: VTR VC114M
Director: Mardali Syarief
Stars: Hendra Cipta, Joice Erna, Eddy Wardy
Synopsis: A revolt done by Gozail and his troops in a period when the capital city of Indonesia is in Yogyakarta. There is a unit of woman troops led by Major Meity. They face the hardships and obstacles in infiltrating and exterminating the band of Gozali.

Original Title: Benyamin Koboi Ngungsi
International Title/English Translation: Benyamin Cowboy Refugee
Production: Indonesia, 1975
DVD Production: KM - Karyamas Vision (Indonesia)
Director: Nawi Ismail
Stars: Benyamin Sueb, S. Bagio
Synopsis: The film tells a story about a ranch, owned by Billy Ball, which will be demolished soon. He protests to the authority. Funny events happen when he processes his protest.

Original Title: Janur Kuning
International Title/English Translation: Yellow Coconut
Production: Indonesia, 1979
DVD Production: Kavein Video KV 2006
Director: Alam Surawidjaja
Stars: Deddy Sutomo, Kaharuddin Syah, Dicky Zulkarnaen
Synopsis: This is a documentary about the "Serangan Umum 1 Maret" (The Attack of March 1st), about the invasion of the Dutch and the reseizing of Jogja. A very violent and anti-colonialist exploitation documentary

Original Title: Jurus Maut
International Title/English Translation: Moment Of Death
Production: Indonesia, 1978
DVD Production: VTR VC272M
Director: Lie Soen Bok
Stars: Anita Suwu, Eddy S. Jonathan
Synopsis: Indra, a police that investigates a drug dealing syndicate, dates Rini, whose father is the leader of the narcotics syndicate. His efforts against the syndicate are always reported to the father, and in the end result in the death of the future parent-in-law.

Original Title: Kamp Tawanan Wanita
International Title/English Translation: War Victims
Production: Indonesia, 1983
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 990052
Director: Jopi Burnama
Stars: Boy Tirayoh, Marissa Haque, Avent Christie, Jeffry Sani, Mangara Siahaan
Synopsis: A very violent W.I.P. movie with lot of sadism and exploitation and a strong anti-japanese approach. Amelia, one of the inmates at a woman prisoner camp, keeps trying to keep in touch with fellow Indonesian fighters. Her tactic to be close with Nakamura, a Japanese Liutenant, is successful, until she gets pregnant by Nakamura. When the fighters come to rescue the prisoners, Nakamura decides to do harakiri, and Amelia loses the future father of her child.

Original Title: Kawin Kontrak (VCD Title: Khawin Kontrak)
International Title/English Translation: Escape From Hell Hole
Production: Indonesia, 1983
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0343
Director: Maman Firmansjah
Stars: Dicky Zulkarnaen, Siska Widowati
Synopsis: A very violent W.I.P. movie. Dreaming for a better job, Indri falls into a persuasion of a friend, which turns her to becoming a wife under contract. However, she rejects it, and she manages to repel when Voyla tries to rape her. For being disobedient, Indri is thrown into a cell. Many women have the same fate as her: they will be traded. Thanks to his perseverance against the syndicate, which is finally revealed.

Original Title: Lebak Membara
International Title/English Translation: Burning Valley
Production: Indonesia, 1982
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0163
Director: Imam Tantowi
Stars: George Rudy, El Manik, Minati Atmanegara, Usman Effendy, Ratno Timoer
Synopsis: The film tells the story of a brave man named Herman and his battle against the Japanese invaders. Herman wants to seek revenge to the soldiers who has raped Marni. Japan is on the verge of defeat. There is a fierce resistance by Herman and his fellow fighters when Captain Nakamura decides to stand on his ground.

Original Title: Pasukan Berani Mati
International Title/English Translation: Death Squad
Production: Indonesia, 1982
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0070
Director: Imam Tantowi
Stars: Dicky Zulkarnaen, Barry Prima
Synopsis: A romance of the revolution era. The war between Captain Bondan-led battalion and the Dutch troop. Captain Bondan dies. The remaining six of his men and a civilian continue his struggle and form a guerilla.

Original Title: Pemberang - The Angry Man
International Title/English Translation: The Angry Man
Production: Indonesia, 1972
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0082
Director: Hasmanan
Stars: Dicky Zulkarnaen, Sophan Sophiaan, Sukarno M. Noor
Synopsis: The film tells a story about Barman who is vengeful towards Johan. He commits a series of terrors starting from threat letters, calls, and ultimately takes Johan's wife and son as hostages.

Original Title: Perhitungan Terakhir
International Title/English Translation: The Last Calculation
Production: Indonesia, 1982
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 990038
Director: Danu Umbara
Stars: Barry Prima, George Rudy, Tuty Wasiat, Enny Haryono
Synopsis: Windy's husband, Johan, is murdered by a gang of assasins lead by Handoko. Through Hany, Windy's friend, Handoko captures Windy alive. Windy becomes a disciple of Harun the cleric and starts to look for her husband's murderer in disguise. But Windy is trapped. When she is released, Hany exposes herself. She is a police working undercover. Both of them ransack Handoko's headquarter.

Original Title: Serbuan Halilintar (Batas Impian)
International Title/English Translation: Special Silencers
Production: Indonesia, 1982
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2001.357
Director: Arizal
Stars: Barry Prima, Dicky Zulkarnaen, W. D. Mochtar
Synopsis: This film tells the story about Yulia and Hendra versus Ganda and his men who intend to seize the position of the head of the village. The latter have caused chaos and casualties in the village. Very violent and with a lot of gore/splatter scenes

Original Title: Si Bongkok
International Title/English Translation: The Hunchback
Production: Indonesia, 1972
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0068
Director: Liliek Sudjio
Stars: Dicky Zulkarnaen, Ratno Timoer, Sophan Sophiaan, Widyawati
Synopsis: Bokor, who fails to win back Widuri, returns and kills her husband. He kidnaps Widuri and throws Gusti, her child, into a ravine. Gusti becomes deformed and is nicknamed Si Bongkok, or the hunchback, who then becomes a martial art fighter and leaves the mountain to look for his father's murderer.

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