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Old Movies From Indonesia - Pt. 1: Horror

All the VCDs are original and in mint/unplayed conditions except where to stated elsewhere
All the VCDs are double disc set (Disk 1 + Disk 2).

Price: 150 Euros for the whole set (VCDs are not sold singularly).  SOLD OUT!!!
10% discount if combined with another collection set of indonesian movies
15% discount if combined with 2 or more collection set of indonesian movies


Original Title: Bercinta Dengan Maut
International Title/English Translation: Dangerous Seductress
Production: Indonesia/USA, 1992
DVD Production: Lokasari LSJH 0028
Director: Tjut Djalil
Stars: Tonya Lynn, John F. Waroni, Kristin Ann, Boy S. Margana
Synopsis: Linda enamors all men because she owns a mirror that makes its owner looks beautiful. But then mysterious deaths start to occur because the mirror requires a sacrifice of fresh blood from men in return.

Original Title: Dikejar Dosa
International Title/English Translation: Pursued By Sin
Production: Indonesia, 1996
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 990276
Director: Ida Farida
Stars: Sandy Nayoan, Anya, Many Lindya, Lennos Diana
Link: none
Synopsis: Unknown. TV Movie?

Original Title: Drakula Mantu (Benyamin Kontra Drakula)
International Title/English Translation: Dracula-In-Law (Benyamin Vs. Dracula)
Production: Indonesia, 1974
DVD Production: Dragon Movie SDN/Insictech Musicland
Director: Nya Abbas Akup
Stars: Benyamin Sueb, Tan Tjeng Bok
Synopsis: When fixing an old broken down house, Benyamin finds it filled with ghosts. It turns out that the ghosts are waiting for Dracula whose son is going to be married with one of the ghosts in the house.

Original Title: Dukun Beranak (VCD Title: Praji Sakti)
International Title/English Translation: The Midwife (Praji Magic)
Production: Indonesia, 1977
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2000.313
Director: Bay Isbahi
Stars: Dicky Zulkarnaen, Tuty S., Nani Wijaya, R. D. Mochtar
Synopsis: The film tells a story about Nyi Anis who uses black magic because she is vengeful towards her husband who has thrown her out of the house. The condition for the black magic is that she has to sacrifice a baby every full moon. She becomes the pretty Nyi Mayang. Her husband is willing to take her back. Trouble arises when her black magic teacher dies and she cannot return to her original form. The villagers then defeat her using prayers.

Original Title: Dukun Ilmu Hitam
International Title/English Translation: Queen Of Black Magic
Production: Indonesia, 1981
DVD Production: Megasari Video Enterprise
Director: A. Harris
Stars: Farida Pasha, Dian Ariestya, Ray Sahetapy, W. D. Mochtar
Synopsis: Tells the story of two sisters, Sari and Maya, whereas Maya is kidnapped from a woman by her mother. When they reach adulthood, they are taught the black magic. Maya has a relationship with Panji, a man raised by a cleric. Apparently he is given a message by Maya's dying father to find her. Sari is used by his father to commit terror, but this can be handled by the cleric.

Original Title: Dukun Lintah (VCD Title: Dukun Beranak II)
International Title/English Translation: Leech Wizard
Production: Indonesia, 1981
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 990259
Director: Ackyl Anwari
Stars: Suzanna Cecilia, Alex (Kembar Group), Hendra Cipta
Synopsis: Tells the story about Hany who is betrothed by her parents to Hendra although she already has Nurdin. This happens because her parents are indebted to Hendra's parents. Finally with her mother's blessing, Hany is allowed to marry Nurdin. Unable to get Hany, Hendra goes to a leech shaman. He makes Nurdin ill from a strange disease. With the help of someone, it is known that Hendra is the culprit.

Original Title: Jeritan Malam (VCD Title: Mereka Kembali - Mayat Hidup)
International Title/English Translation: Night Screams (They're Coming - The Living Corpse)
Production: Indonesia, 1981
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2003.038
Director: M. Abnar Romli
Stars: Suzanna Cecilia, S. Bagio, H. Bokir, Kusno Sujarwadi, Darto Helm
Synopsis: Tells the story of Lina who is dying. But due to an error in blood transfusion, the situation becomes complicated and scary. Lina turns into a cold-blooded murderer. She is infected with Kemangmang's blood, a type of spirit who sucks human brain. Lina's husband struggles to conquer the Kemangmang that has already possesed his wife.

Original Title: Kembalinya Si Manis Jembatan Ancol - Sidang Para Dedemit (VCD Title: Dukun Ilmu Hitam 2)
International Title/English Translation: Return Of The Beauty Of Ancol Bridge - Meeting Of Evils (Antidote To Black Magic 2)
Production: Indonesia, 1998
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2001.040
Director: Jose M. Pakasi
Stars: Diah Permata Sari, Ozy Syahputra, Suci Indah Sari, Donna Hussain, Piet Pagau
Link: none
Synopsis: not available

Original Title: Misteri Menjelang Maghrib (VCD Title: Penangkal Ilmu Teluh 2)
International Title/English Translation: Mistery By Sunset (Antidote To Black Magic 2)
Production: Indonesia, 1996
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2001.026
Director: Norman Benny
Stars: Hengky Tornando, Hana Hansyim, Kusno Sujarwadi
Link: none
Synopsis: Bram is experiencing strange things while he sleeps, but when Firda (his second wife) wants to help him, all has returned to normal already. In the past Bram had a wife, Rosa, but because they did not have children, she was abandoned by Bram. Rosa want to take revenge and want to destroy the new family of Bram.

Original Title: Penangkal Ilmu Teluh
International Title/English Translation: Antidote To Black Magic
Production: Indonesia, 1979
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2000.280
Director: S. A. Karim
Stars: Debby Cynthia Dewi, Muni Cader, Hendra Cipta
Synopsis: Darmi, whose husband starts to suspect her adulterous behaviour, asks the help of a shaman to put a spell on her husband, Kosim. The spell causes her husband to fall ill. One day, Darmi fails to follow her regime from the Shaman. This causes her to lose her charm over Komar, her boyfriend, who decides to leave her. Darmi is not happy to see Komar with another woman, so she contacts her Shaman to help her. Komar does the same thing with his Shaman. The battle between Shamans is inevitable.

Original Title: Pengabdi Setan (VCD Title: Mereka Kembali - Pengabdi Setan)
International Title/English Translation: Satan's Slave
Production: Indonesia, 1980
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2003.021
Director: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Stars: Ruth Pelupessy, W. D. Mochtar, Doddy Sukma
Synopsis: Munarto is shaken after the death of his wife. He goes to a fortune teller and learns black magic. Since then, their family is always haunted by frightening shadows and death occurs one by one.

Original Title: Rahsia Ilmu Iblis - Mistik - Punahnya Rahasia Ilmu Iblis (Alternative/Longer version of Leak)
International Title/English Translation: Mystics In Bali - Long Version (118')
Production: Indonesia, 1981
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 990192
Director: Tjut Djalil
Stars: Debby Cynthia Dewi, Ilona Agathe Bastian, Yos Santo
Synopsis: Tells the story of Cathy, an Australian student who wants to learn about Leak. Through an acquintance, she manages to have an audience with the Queen of Leak. But unfortunately the queen manipulates her. Her head is used to kill babies. Mahendra, her acquaintance, attempts to rescue her by asking for help to Ki Jereg. In the battle between Ki Jereg and the Queen of Leak, Cathy is killed along with the Queen of Leak.

Original Title: Ranjang Setan (VCD Title: Batas Impian - Ranjang Setan)
International Title/English Translation: Satan's Bed
Production: Indonesia, 1986
DVD Production: Manhaji Salafi SLF 2003.028
Director: Tjut Djalil
Stars: Chintami Atmanegara, Linda Husein, A. Hadi, Anton Indracaya
Synopsis: The film tells the story about three friends who are interested in the prize of finding a missing child. They go to sacred place to ask for guidance on the condition that they have to find people who would accept credit. Scary situations with ghosts, kuntilanak (Indonesian version of banshee) etc

Original Title: Setan Kredit
International Title/English Translation: Satan's Credit
Production: Indonesia, 1982
DVD Production: Media Play Entertainment VBM 1032
Director: Iksan Lahardi
Stars: Domo, Indro, Casino, Dian Ariestya, Lisa Dona, Minati Atmanegara
Synopsis: It is a story of Mrs. Siska, Meriam, her nephew, their maid, and their gardener who are disturbed by demons since they move to a new building built on an old Dutch cemetery.

Original Title: Setan Kuburan (Setan Nyasar)
International Title/English Translation: Satan's Tomb (Satan's Stray)
Production: Indonesia, 2003
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 04.066
Director: Kenneth Thimoty Leoganda
Stars: Richard Alino, Helsi Herlinda, Ika Kartika, Nita Ferlina
Synopsis: The pocong/hopping zombie continues to haunt and kill people. It slaughters a midget with a teletubbie doll at one point in this movie. However, this time it seems to meet its final fate.

Original Title: Si Manis Jembatan Ancol (Tragedi Di Siliwangi)
International Title/English Translation: The Beauty Of Ancol Bridge (Tragedy In Siliwangi)
Production: Indonesia, 1994
DVD Production: VTR - VTR 939
Director: Atok Suharto
Stars: Diah Permata Sari, Teguh Yulianto, Ozy Syahputra, Udin Labu
Synopsis: This film tells the story of Mariam Si Manis Jembatan Ancol (the Beautiful Spirit of Ancol Bridge) with her best friend, Karina, who saves Gilang in a coma. They confront Volker the genie to get Gilang's soul back so that he can revive from the coma. Sequel of 1970's original movie.

Original Title: Srigala
International Title/English Translation: The Fox
Production: Indonesia, 1981
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2001.405
Director: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Stars: Barry Prima, Lydia Kandou
Synopsis: Tells the story of a treasure hunt by three men in a famously haunted area. There they meet three environmentalists. Both groups try to persuade each other to leave the ground, but both insist on staying. What happens next is that each of them mysteriously and terrifyingly dies one by one, covered in blood.

Original Title: Warisan Terlarang (VCD Title: Perhiasan Dari Kubur)
International Title/English Translation: Forbidden Heritage (Jewelry From The Grave)
Production: Indonesia, 1990
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2000.382
Director: Abdul Kadir
Stars: Yati Octavia, Kang Ibing, Alba Fuad
Synopsis: The story of Yono who cannot stand of being poor and becomes a monster pig. After he becomes rich, he leaves his wife Yanti and chases a woman named Hedi. Hedi knows where Yono's wealth comes from and she tries to makes him realize. When he wants to release himslef from the pig power, the Queen of Pig is angry and Yono has to accept the consequences.

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