lunedì 6 maggio 2013

No news, good news

Well, there is no update in my little shop and no new arrivals. Maybe both the indonesian and the malay collection will be sold at once to a nice guy, so I thank him so much in advance.

On the other hand, this means that I should go to Malaysia again to find more VCDs for my many customers. Yeah, I received A LOT of requests and interest by many people, old friends and customers, new friends and new customers. So, once again, thanx to all of you for visiting my little blog.
This is a good situation as I have a good reason to go back to Malaysia in a future, even if I am quite aware that a good 70% of the VCD/Movies I posted here are completely out of stock in Malaysia. Because I made them go out of stock in the past 8 months....maybe it's still possible to find a few of them, sure, why not, but the most interesting ones such as GUNDALA PUTRA PETIR, DRAKULA MANTU, RANJANG SETAN, 7 WOMEN, IRA MAYA PUTRI CINDERELLA, KISAH PINOKIOLUTUNG KASARUNG, MISTERY 8 PENDEKAR, TONGKAT SAKTI, DIKEJAR DOSA, DUKUN LINTAH and many, many others (ANAK SETAN, PUAKA, KERANDA BERDARAH, SERANGAN ORANG MINYAK, ANITA DUNIA AJAIB, IMAN, IKAN EMASMATA SYAITAN, SEMANGAT ULAR....) are definitively gone and buried in the sands of time. Not that the other titles are available in big quantity: I know one shop that has one last copy of AZIMAT and another one which has (maybe) the very last DVD of Pontianak (1975) but we're talking of 1-2-maybe no more than 5 copies available for most of the titles shown here....

Who knows, maybe the day I'll be back to Malaysia, there is a new DVD line for all of these movies...but I highly doubt of it....but dreaming is not forbidden, is it?

In any case, I promise to all the customers who couldn't get these interesting, rare and wonderful movies to go back to Malaysia (and Indonesia) once again, in a near future.

And I add new itinerary to my next trip, planned somewhere around July/August:

-Korea (both North and South)

So....if you have some want list from the above mentioned countries, just drop me a PM and we'll see what we can do. If you're into russian movies (which I love, by the way) I think I can find A LOT of stuff, different editions, rare editions, limitd releases, editions with subtitles and russian language-only editions....

As for Mongolia....mmmh....I was there during winter 2011/2012 and I must say that I found nothing. Well, there are only 4 shops in Ulaan Baatar, i.e. 4 shops in the whole country.

Nepal looks promising: I stayed 3 months there, during winter 2010/2011 and I found - beside a lot of good friends - also an interesting quantity of indian, bangla, chinese movies as well as bootleg of DVD/CD from all over the I think it deserves a second sight!

Korea...well, it's my first time overthere but I'm quite sure to find a lot of stuff both for my collection and your, once again: send me your want-list from Korea!

China became my second hometown in the last 10 years but my brother tells me that it becomes more and more difficult to find interesting DVDs nowadays....the problm is that most of DVD shops shut down because of heavy dowloading/streaming by young generations and also because police is raiding heavily on those beautiful (and cheap!) DVD bootleg that were the spine for thousand of small shops in the country! So I guess it's becoming less and less interesting but...who knows? In Tibet I found a lot of Jess Franco's bootleg DVD in Lhasa, so I think we should just check in the perifery, outside of the big towns. As well as in Baoding, 2 hours south of Beijing, there is (was?) a wonderful shop with a lot of old DVD, old VHS (!) and old heavy metal audio cassettes and vinyls (!!!)...and some scattered VHS shops seen in Hohhot (Inner Mongolia), Fuzhou (Fujian Province) and Qinhuangdao (Hebei Province)...Another good reason to go to China once again :)

I would like to add also Iran once again (this would be my 3rd time and I hope to get my hand on those 60's/70's forbidden movies....the guy who runs the shop by the Iranian Museum Of Cinema in Tehran has a lit of almost 100 movies shot before the 1978 revolution, including many thriller, action, dramas, fantasy, noir....of course none of them on "official" DVD but....get this or get nothing!) as well as I want to visit Pakistan where I am sure to find quite a lot of original DVDs.
Twice refused by the border, now I know how to get a VISA and enter the country. They won't refuse me a third time: I must apply for VISA here in Italy, it's the only way.

Well, it's time to prepare for a new trip around Asia.
Send me your request or your want list....or just send me a PM for any information or suggestion

Thanx to you all


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