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Old Movies From Indonesia - Pt. 3: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Sword'n'Sorcery

All the VCDs are original and in mint/unplayed conditions except where to stated elsewhere
All the VCDs are double disc set (Disk 1 + Disk 2).

Price: 117 Euros for the whole set (VCDs are not sold singularly). SOLD OUT!!!
10% discount if combined with another collection set of indonesian movies
15% discount if combined with 2 or more collection set of indonesian movies

OLD INDONESIAN MOVIES - Part 3: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Sword'n'Sorcery   SOLD OUT!!!

Original Title: Aladin Dan Lampu Wasiat
International Title/English Translation: Aladdin And The Magic Lamp
Production: Indonesia, 1980
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0067
Director: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Stars: Lydia Kandou, Rano Karno, Marlia Hardi
Synopsis: The fairytale of Aladin and the magic lamp he finds when he is trapped inside the earth. With the genie from the lamp, he manages to marry princess Permatasari.

Original Title: Banteng Mataram (VCD Title: Banteng Mantaram)
International Title/English Translation: Mataram The Bull
Production: Indonesia, 1983
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0348
Director: Bay Isbahi
Stars: Minati Atmanegara, Teddy Purba, Hendra Cipta
Synopsis: A competition between the kingdom of Mataram and the kingdom of Majapahit. The Kingdom of Mataram is in alert as Ki Mangir tries to revive the kingdom of Majapahit. To prevent that, the kingdom of Mataram uses Pembayun, the daughter of Panembahan Senopati, as a bait. She is dispatched to the Ki Mangir as a dancer. They fall in love with each other.

Original Title: Damarwulan Minakjinggo (Sebuah Legenda Majapahit)
International Title/English Translation: Damarwulan Minakjinggo - Legend Of Majapahit
Production: Indonesia, 1983
DVD Production: Media Play Entertainment VMB 1043
Director: Lilik Sudjio
Stars: Benny G. Rahardja, George Rudy, Chintami Atmanegara, Harun Syarief
Synopsis: A story about Damarwulan, a handsome young man and the women's favorite, who manages to beat the Duke of Blambangan, Minakjinggo, who intends to seize the throne of Majapahit and to marry Queen Kencana Wungu.

Original Title: Gundala Putra Petir
International Title/English Translation: Gundala Son Of Lightning
Production: Indonesia, 1981
DVD Production: VTR VC184M
Director: Lilik Sudjio
Stars: Teddy Purba, Farida Pasha, Agust Melasz, Anna Tairas
Synopsis: Tells the story of a man who attempts to make his body anti-lightning and succeeded. This success interest the drug syndicate who later kidnaps him to make heroin concoction. The mastermind turns out to be a friend of the man. The man determines to defeat them all.

Original Title: Ira Maya Putra Cinderella
International Title/English Translation: Ira Maya, Princess Cinderella
Production: Indonesia, 1981
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0191
Director: Willy Wilianto
Stars: Ira Maya Sopha, Chris Salam, Paulina Djakman, Ruth Pelupessy, Denny Wilianto
Synopsis: Tells the story of Ira Maya whom the wicked witch curses on her birthday. To avoid Ira Maya from the curse, the Good Fairies take her to live nomadically. She changes her name to Mawar. In the forest, she meets a hunter who is actually the son of the Neighboring King. They become good friends when the good fairies tell the truth to the hunter. On her 17th birthday, Mawar returns to the palace, but The Wicked Witch and the Wicked Mother make more problems and obstacles.

Original Title: Lara Jonggrang (Candi Prambanan)
International Title/English Translation: The Wicked Jonggrang (Prambanan Temple)
Production: Indonesia, 1983
DVD Production: Media Play Entertainment VBM 1033
Director: Jimmy Atmaja
Stars: Benny G. Rahardja, Minati Atmanegara, W. D. Mochtar
Synopsis: The legend on love between Loro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso. Soon after his appointment as Senopati of Baka, he is assigned to attack the kingdom of Pengging. However, when he gets there he is recognized as the missing crown prince of Pengging, who was kidnapped by the people of Baka as a child. The furious King of Baka himself leads the attack on Pengging and he is killed by Bondowoso. The daughter of King of Baka, Loro Jonggrang, witnesses the death of her own father, holds a grudge against Bondowoso. When she is proposed by Bondowoso, Loro Jonggrang gives him terms: to build temples as many as a thousand pieces. When there is only one more temple to be done, Loro Jonggrang makes the roosters crows as if a dawn's break. Bandung, who knows that Loro Jonggrang has tricked him, curses her into the 1000th temple, the largest one.

Original Title: Lutung Kasarung
International Title/English Translation: Kasarung The Monkey
Production: Indonesia, 1983
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 990282
Director: B. Z. Kadaryono
Stars: Enny Beatrice, Johan Saimima, Erna Santoso, Avent Christie
Synopsis: Dreaming of a beautiful wife as his mother, Guru Minda is cursed by his own mother to be a monkey called Lutung Kasarung. who will turn to be a human again only after he meets a woman who falls in love with him. Upon his descent on earth, the daughter of the kingdom of Galuh, Purbasari, is exiled to the forest by her own step sister, Purbalarang, who wants the throne. In the forest she meets Lutung and falls in love. The monkey turns into a human and helps Purbasari reclaim her throne, her own legacy.

Original Title: Misteri Dua Dunia (VCD Title: Tuyul - Kisah Legenda)
International Title/English Translation: Mistery Of Two Worlds (The Goblin - A Legendary Story)
Production: Indonesia, 19xx
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 06.017
Director: Kamandanu
Stars: Aris Y., Dias Astida, Lilis Suganda, Mahesa, Ustad Jefri Albuchory
Link: none
Synopsis: This story is about a young man who calls up a spirit to make him rich and powerful because other people are always picking on him. He both calls up Toyul (Goblin) in the form of little boys, and changes shapes and becomes a tuyul himself. Intervowen with the story are sermons by Muslim Imam Ustad Jefri Albuchory about the danger of spirit beliefs

Original Title: Mistery 8 Pendekar
International Title/English Translation: Mistery Of The 8 Swordsmen
Production: Indonesia, 1977
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2000.006
Director: Ostian Mogalana
Stars: Liliek A. Deliana, Sutikno, Sari Asmoro, Sutrisno Wijaya
Synopsis: The film tells a story about a warrior who tries to defeat the monkey man that has been terrorizing the villagers by asking one woman as a sacrifice each year.

Original Title: Si Boneka Kayu, Pinokio (VCD Title: Kisah Pinokio)
International Title/English Translation: The Wooden Puppet, Pinocchio (Story Of Pinocchio)
Production: Indonesia, 1979
DVD Production: Lokasari LS0105
Director: Willy Wilianto
Stars: Ateng, Iskak, Dina Mariana
Synopsis: This is a story about Pinocchio, a wooden doll that is magically transformed into a real boy by the fairy godmother. Geppetto, a wooden-doll maker who has longed for a child, raises him as his own son. Pinocchio grows to be a naughty boy and often gets himself into trouble.

Original Title: Tarsan Kota
International Title/English Translation: Tarzan In Town
Production: Indonesia, 1974
DVD Production: VTR VC226M
Director: Lilik Sudjio
Stars: Benyamin Sueb, Ida Royani, Awaludin, Slamet Harto
Synopsis: The film tells a story about Tarzan who is taken to the city and is "modernized" by Ida, a women who gets lost in the woods when her father goes hunting. Tarzan has to work hard to adapt with city life, including being patient with harassments from Ida's friends that do not like him.

Original Title: Tongkat Sakti
International Title/English Translation: The Magic Stick
Production: Indonesia, 1982
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 2000.365
Director: Willy Wilianto
Stars: Anna Tairas, Boy Tirayoh, Sutrisno Wijaya
Synopsis: The story about Marsan who studies silat (Indonesian martial art) to avenge the misfortune of his parents. And when Marsan marries Yusniar, she is also got raped, similar to what happened to his mother. Fights ensue. Note: VCD cover has wrong credit, referring to the 1990 movie with the same title

Original Title: Warok Singo Kobra
International Title/English Translation: Warok Singo Kobra
Production: Indonesia, 1982
DVD Production: MVM - Music Valley 990034
Director: Nawi Ismail
Stars: Dicky Zulkarnaen, Ratno Timoer, Eva Arnaz, Koesno Sudjarwadi
Synopsis: The film depicts the battle between Guno and Subroto with the help of Suro and Warsiah. Guno is defeated by Warsiah and Subroto. Gento complains to Warok Singo Kobra who owns the Wesi Kuning talisman. With his trick, Suro is able to steal the talisman. Subroto and Warsiah manage to kill Singo.

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