martedì 11 giugno 2013

Django + Django Strikes Again DVD Box (Anchor Bay, OOP)

Rare and out of print DVD Box with both the super cult classic Django (1966) and its sequel shot in 1987, "Django Strikes Again", the only official sequel to the original movie.
The box set is in mint condition and it's out of print since many years. There's also a 20 page booklet with essays on both movies and a special about every Django movies ever shot ("Sequels, Retitles and Other Oddities") with reproduction of posters synopsis and comments

Title: Django + Django Strikes Again
Original Title: Django + Django 2: Il Grande Ritorno
Year/Country of Production: 1966 (Italy/Spain), 1987 (Italy/Colombia)
Director: Sergio Corbucci, Nello Rossati
Stars: Franco Nero, Eduardo Fajardo, José Bodalo, Loredana Nusciak, Christopher Connelly, William Berger, Donald Pleasance
DVD Production: Anchor Bay (USA, 1999)
Audio: English (Django), English/Italian (Django Strikes Again)
Subtitles: English (Django Strikes Again)
Video: 1,66:1
Extras: Interviews with Franco Nero, Trailers, 20-page booklet with essays and mini-encyclopedia of every Django movies ever shot
Price: 18 Euro

DVD Box Set - Cover
Booklet - Cover
Booklet - Inside

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