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Books about italian and turkish cinema!

"Malizie perverse" is a wonderful 220+ pages trip inside the perverse side of italian cinema. A complete guide for every erotic genere ever shot in Italy: Decameron-style comedies; "Malizia" and family incest erotic dramas/comedies; Sexy comedy with Edwige Fenech, Alvaro Vitali, Lino Banfi, Gloria Guida, Lando Buzzanca; Emanuelle and the erotic-exotic adventure; Ancient Rome pervert emperors (Joe D'Amato's and Bruno Mattei's clones of Caligula....); Nunxploitation movies; Erotic dramas (Eriprando Visconti's movies, Carlo Lizzani, Liliana Cavani, Marco Bellocchio, Pier Paolo Pasolini and many many more); Nazixploitation; W.I.P.; Erotic exploitation in the 80's and the end of the genere.
With a complete index of movies, synopsis, comments, reproduction of original poster, lobbycard and vhs covers. An essential guide for every erotic style ever shot in Italy.

Original Title: Malizie Perverse - Il Cinema Erotico Italiano
Publishing House: Granata Press (Italy, 1993)
Authors: Antonio Bruschini, Antonio Tentori
Format: Hardcover
Language: Italian
Pages: 224 + cover
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Conditions: Like new
Price: 20 Euro 17 Euro

"Fantastik Türk Sineması" is a unique travel inside the fantastic turkish cinema. Black pirates, flying carpets, Frankenstein and flying superheroes, masked villains and lonely cowboys, mythical heroes and comic book adaptions. It's a 360° deep insight view about every side of fantastic cinema in Turkey: science-fiction, 007-ripoffs, masked heroes, supermen, spaghetti (kebab?) western, sword'n'sorcery, 1001 nights fairytales, thriller and well as detailed essays on directors, actors and evolution of fantastic turkish cinema from the beginning to the late 80's. A-Z guide of every movie with technical details. Second part of the book is in english. Hundred of poster and lobby card reproduced.

Original Title: Fantastik Türk Sineması
Publishing House: Kabalcı Kitabevi (Kadıköy, Istanbul, 1998)
Authors: Giovann Scognamillo, Metin Demirhan
Format: Hardcover
Language: Turkish
Pages: 468 + cover
Size: 23 x 33 cm
Conditions: Second hand
Price: 20 Euros SOLD OUT!

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