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Last VHS for sale: 7 old vhs for a good price

As I am moving out of Finland quite soon, maybe on the way to Russia and China through Mongolia (and then only God knows where), I would like to give away all the last stuff I have at home because of course I can not bring them with me.
I have a few music CDs listed randomly in my Discogs page ( and a few vhs. If I can try to manage and handle the few CDs I have, I can not bring to Asia all the vhs as they are those old-style big boxes (and heavy!) so and they take too much space in my bags.
So, if some good soul is ready to buy them all in stock, 56 euros + delivery and they are yours. It's 8 euros per vhs. Some are worthing much more than that price but what is done, is done.

as usual, I prefer to trade (and you can send the stuff for trade to my address in Italy, where I'll be back around next may/june 2014) so PM me or get in touch for any question at:

Here are the last VHS I sell in stock or for trade. 56 euros in total + delivery or trade:

VHS Title: Battle Of The Stars
English or Original Title: Battle Of The Stars (Cosmo 2000: Battaglie Negli Spazi Stellari)
Year/Country of Production: Italy, 1978
Director: Alfonso Brescia
Genre: Science Fiction
Original VHS Production: Frekvensia GeTe Ab (Sweden)
Audio: English
Notes: Super rare VHS! Uncut
Price: 10 Euro or TRADE

VHS Title: Den Stora Fighten
English or Original Title: The Black Dragon Revenges The Death Of Bruce Lee (龍爭虎鬥精武魂)
Year/Country of Production: Hong Kong, 1975
Director: Tony Liu Jun-Guk
Genre: Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Action, Adventure
Original VHS Production: Mariann Video (Sweden)
Price: 10 Euro or TRADE
VHS Title: Kineser Banden - King Of Kung Fu
English or Original Title: Super Dragon (He's A Legend, He's A Hero / 詠春大兄)
Year/Country of Production: Hong Kong, 1976
Director: Wong-Sing Lui
Genre: Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Action
Original VHS Production: Filmlab (Denmark)
Audio: English
Notes: Quite a mysterious and undefined title. It should be this 1976 movie with altered credits. Very rare VHS, anyway!!!
Price: 10 Euro or TRADE

VHS Title: Kiss Of The Tarantula
English or Original Title: Kiss Of The Tarantula
Year/Country of Production: USA, 1976
Director: Chris Munger
Genre: Horror
Original VHS Production: Hokushin (UK)
Audio: English
Notes: Original thick carton sleeve. Just a little bit refiled on the ight side (0.7 cm +-)
Price: 10 Euro or TRADE

VHS Title: Maciste Der Felsgeborene
English or Original Title: Maciste At The Court Of  The Great Khan (Maciste Alla Corte Del Gran Khan)
Year/Country of Production: Italy, 1961
Director: Riccardo Freda
Genre: Peplum, Adventure, Fantasy
Original VHS Production: VPS Video (Germany, 1985)
Audio: German
Notes: Cover is a bit wavy but still in good condition!
Price: 8 Euro or TRADE

VHS Title: Neither The Sea Nor The Sand
English or Original Title: Neither The Sea Nor The Sand
Year/Country of Production: UK, 1972
Director: Fred Burnley
Genre: Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Original VHS Production: Harley Video (Finland)
Audio: English (with Finnish subtitles)
Notes: Uncut,with english audio and finnish subtitles
Price: 8 Euro or TRADE

VHS Title: The Dragon On Fire
English or Original Title: Enter The Three Dragons (快拳怪招)
Year/Country of Production: Hong Kong, 1978
Director: Joseph Kong
Genre: Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Action, Adventure
Original VHS Production: VUH Video Holland (Netherlands)
Audio: English (with Dutch subtitles)
Notes: Uncut
Price: 12 Euro or TRADE

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  1. Hi, I am interested in The Dragon on Fire Dutch video. Do you still have that one? Email me at Many thanks! Ersen