domenica 25 dicembre 2011

Blu Ray from Thailand - Zombie Collection Box Set (4 BR)

ZOMBIE COLLECTION (Thailand) - 4 Blue Ray Tin Box Set

Description: Tin Box Set containing 4 classic italian zombie movies
-Zombi flesh eaters (Zombi 2, Italy 1979. Director: Lucio Fulci)
-Zombie 2 (Zombi 3, Italy 1988. Director: Lucio Fulci/Bruno Mattei/C. Fragasso)
-Zombie 3 (After Death, Italy 1988. Director: Claudio Fragasso)
-Killing birds (Killing Bird Raptors. Italy, 1987. Dir: Joe d'Amato/Franco Lattanzi)
Label: ????
Language: English, Thai
Subtitles: Thai (removable)
Rate: 1080 p
Area: 3
Extra: Trailers, Interviews, TV Spot, Original opening credits
Number Of Discs: 4
Cut/Uncut: Uncut fully uncensored
Available Quantity: 1
Price: 30 US$/25 Euros

Note: I included a picture of the DVD Box version until I won't find a scanner here in Ulan Bator to scan the real Blu Ray Box Version

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  1. Ciao, come stai?
    Il tuo blog buona.

    Cordiali saluti dall'Indonesia.

    1. :) Terimakasih :)

      Where are you from, in Indonesia?
      I was in Jakarta, Blok M and I am planning to go there again soon :)
      Saya suka Indonesia :)

      Selamat pagi!

  2. ciao! Grazie per il commento.....I never check comments because I forgot my account on gmail.
    Terimakasih :)

  3. Hai un link su dove comprarlo? Grazie

    1. scusa per il megaritardo!!! No, l'ho trovato in Mongolia questo inverno. Forse se vado in Thailandia riesco a trovarne una copia laggiu'