domenica 23 febbraio 2014

Time to leave

Time to leave Finland. It has not been a positive experience at all. On a human level, psychological level, financial level, friendly level. I am realizing more and more that my life is in Asia, not in Europe and even less in the so called "advanced countries". I feel out of place in this perfectly organized world, where rules, programmed organization, alcoholism, welfare, ultra strict laws about sales of wine and beer, MAC laptops everywhere make me feel like this is just an apparent paradise on earth. Which is not. No communication, no speeches, no real social relationships, an incredibly high rate of alcoholism and silent xenophobia. It's cold, grey and sad. And weather is just the warmest and hottest thing here. So, guess how population and social dynamics are.
After being totally ripped off by my finnish partner - I lost thousand of Euros: but weren't the italians unthrustable, tricky and scammers? Or it is just an excuse by the so called "first world" to wash their hands and their conscience off? - it's time to go back to Italy. No Asia, no Mongolia, no China, no Nepal, No Malaysia, no Indonesia, no Thailand, no nothing.......
next time maybe....when I will recover and get back all the money I lost in this cold and apparentely perfect country.

Below there are a few vhs for sale. Get them or I will throw them away. Don't want to bring back to Italy any memory of this country.